The mission of our user group is to provide insight into Microsoft .NET technologies through our regular monthly meetings. Meetings and membership to the group are free to everyone!

The CNY .NET Dev Group is currently rebooting.

We are looking for people who may be interested in helping to continue the group, so please let Andy or Steve know and we will help get things in place. There are enough duties for a few people including getting speakers, sponsors, refreshments and hosting the meetings.  

  • 9 years running
  • 87 events hosted
  • over 300 Pizzas and 2000 bottles of soda consumed
  • 6 INETA sponsored meetings
  • 16 XBOX games given away


If you're hungry for technical knowledge, here are a few local and online resources to keep you going in the meantime! 
  1. Dan Colasanti, another group member and presenter, is starting “AppSyracuse.” AppSyracuse will be for people who are motivated to create apps, and in particular, app-startups. AppSyracuse members aren’t just app developers – they can be digital graphic artists/designers, web developers, cloud-devs, tech-lawyers, angel investors, etc. - anyone motivated to help spawn & foster app-dev startups in CNY.  If you are interested in helping start AppSyracuse, please contact Dan.
  2. The Syracuse Tech Meetup has meetings centering on "technology, innovation and entrepreneurship" and meets right here in Syracuse.
  3. AppRochester meets in Rochester at RIT and whose purpose is to "share code, ideas, tips and tricks for mobile apps on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone." Follow their blog and on twitter @AppRochester
  4. Watch Channel9 to keep up on the latest tools and technology from Microsoft
  5. Steve Maier is our nearest Microsoft Developer Evangelist and posts news about local events. Follow his blog and on twitter @stevemaier3
  6. You can also follow my blog and on Twitter @AndyBeaulieu, where I continue to talk about mobile and web development